Amazing Summer Carp Fishing Session 2022! Berners Hall Vlog with Ben Parker

Amazing Summer Carp Fishing Session 2022! Berners Hall Vlog with Ben Parker

Welcome to this week’s Carp fish video vlog; you join me and T (Mr.30) at Berners Hall Fishery fishing on The Reservoir. Also known as the res. The home of big carp. Over 150x 30lb+’s and 20x 40lb+ carp and many 20’s. This was my 4th visit to Berners. I’ve had 2 40’s in the previous 3 sessions there.

With it holding such a massive place in my heart, I wanted to give myself the best chance to nail another 40lber. We booked a one-week session on the lake.
It was a slow start with little action; by day three, it started to pick up, landing some really lovely fish. My change of tactics and determination was starting to pay off. The fish started to move in.

I tried and tried with Pop-ups; I couldn’t knick a bite. Changing around to 18mm bottom baits with colourful toppers seemed to do the trick. I fished big beds of Parker Baits Boilie, Chop and naturals. Everything was coated in the flat spot and our other liquids.

The Berners Hall Reservoir has been carefully stocked with around 700 hand-selected carp & 14 catfish from some of the UK’s best-known fish dealers, some of which we have been growing on in their stock lakes since 2006. This has ensured a good cross-section of all carp strains, including the original fisher pond mirrors, clean commons, heavily scaled mirrors, fully plated and linear’s.

I certainly managed to get amongst these stunning fish, some big scaley bangers, super clean commons and of course the gem of Berners Hall Eric’s Ghostie at 41lb 8oz.

I hope everyone enjoys this video! Let me know in the comments section.

All the best
Ben Parker

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