Deewana 2 | 45 Mindblowing Facts | Rakul Preet Singh | Shah Rukh Khan | Gauri khan | upcoming movie

Deewana 2 | 45 Mindblowing Facts | Rakul Preet Singh | Shah Rukh Khan | Gauri khan | upcoming movie

Here are some of the most Interesting and Amazing facts about Deewana movie created by Bollygrad Studioz

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Ever since the first time that Shah Rukh Khan did his signature open arms pose, the nation knew that Bollywood had earned itself a superstar! Known for his spectacular acting and mesmerising personality, the actor has charmed his way into millions of hearts to become the ‘Badshah of Bollywood’. On 25th June 2022, King Khan completed 30 years in the industry and so did his debut film ‘Deewana’ starring yet another wonderful actor, Rishi Kapoor and the lovely Divya Bharti. To celebrate the glorious journey of the actor, Sony MAX2 brings his debut film ‘Deewana’ on 9th July 8 PM, for all you SRK fans! Before you dive into the world of romance, here are a few lesser-known facts about the film that is sure to take you by surprise:

On-screen for 50 weeks: During the initial screening of Deewana, the theatres were almost empty! However, as word began to spread, it slowly turned into a blockbuster hit. Shah Rukh’s debut was the most talked about and it ran in the theatres for 50 whole weeks, emerging to be a golden jubilee film!

No sign of Shah Rukh in the first half? Yes! The entire first half of the film does not feature Shah Rukh at all. In fact, it majorly revolves around Rishi Kapoor and Divya Bharti, and SRK enters into the equation in the second half of the movie. Despite having a shorter screen time, the actor’s fabulous performance and charming smile, stole everyone’s heart and won him the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut.

SRK was not the first choice for the film: While we cannot imagine anyone playing the role of ‘Raja’ better than Shah Rukh, he was not the first choice for the film. Instead, basis reports, Armaan Kohli had been initially approached for the movie but did not go ahead with the same. All being said, we cannot thank ‘Deewana’ for blessing us with the king of romance!

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