Money Musik: Producing Over 50% Of Nav’s Catalog, Toronto Lifestyle, Working W/ Wheezy, Migos & More

Money Musik: Producing Over 50% Of Nav’s Catalog, Toronto Lifestyle, Working W/ Wheezy, Migos & More

Money Musik interview on the ProducerGrind Podcast. We sat down with the Toronto based music producer to talk about his come up story & advice to the producer community. Money Musik has produced over 50% of rapper Nav beats/songs. That’s a lot of Nav type beats Money Musik has made over the years.

Songs Prod by Money Musik:
Lil Uzl Vert – Leaders
Nav – Baby
Nav – Last of the Mohicans
Nav – Run it Up
Nav – Tussin
Nav – No Debate
Why G – Auntie
Offset – Code
Quavo, Takeoff & Gucci Mane – Us Vs Them
& many more!

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Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Intro, Toronto vs Atlanta, NAV taking tags off
00:03:30 – Working with the Migos… separated, working with locals, Instagram
00:06:41 – Producer branding, international producers, excuses
00:10:50 – Networking red flags, studio etiquette, splits
00:15:45 – Samplemaking 101, do’s and dont’s
00:17:30 – Producer “primes”, experiencing growth
00:20:00 – Toronto scene, different influences
00:22:30 – Money Musik comeup, learning process, producer vlogs
00:26:30 – Working with NAV, money management
00:29:50 – Working in person with artists, Wheezy comparison
00:32:50 – Signing to Cash XO, managers, NAV privacy, fan culture
00:36:00 – Craziest experience, moving smart, producer lifespan
00:39:06 – Business mind, time management, personal relationship with artists
00:43:00 – Comeup strategy for new artists, building connections
00:47:00 – Who do you want to work with? Underground artists
00:50:40 – Favorite VSTs, mixing
00:53:53 – OR/UR – Toronto food
00:55:05 – Waffle House vs IHOP
00:56:50 – Vegan food, staying healthy
00:58:50 – OR/UR – Pulling all nighters
00:59:20 – OR/UR – Leaking songs
01:01:50 – Favorite NAV song
01:03:10 – Final message to producers

Special Guest

Hosted By
@ProdByTBDigital (TB Digital)
@WhoisJBeatsLLC (JB)

Let us know in the comments who you would like to see us interview next? Also what topics should we include? (how to sell beats online, producer marketing, how to get placements, music production, producer culture, vst plugins, how to make a beat in FL Studio tutorial, etc)



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