This 70s Rock Song Would’ve Been an Easy #1 Hit… BUT They NEVER Released It!| Professor Of Rock

This 70s Rock Song Would’ve Been an Easy #1 Hit… BUT They NEVER Released It!| Professor Of Rock

How Led Zeppelin threw this song away is beyond me. Next we break down a classic rock hidden gem Hey Hey What Can I Do which was the B side to the 45 of Immigrant song Written by the world’s biggest rock band Sadly, it never made it onto its intended album, Led Zeppelin 3 or any of the six that followed. And yet it has been hailed as a top-notch tune, living for decades as a holy grail rarity. A status reinforced by the fact that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham never played it live. It’s a 70s hidden gem for the ages. One that was forgotten to almost everyone aside from avid record collectors and classic rock DJs. Would fans ever get their hands on this incredible track? Find out… NEXT on the Professor of Rock.


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Hey music junkies, Professor of Rock, always here to celebrate the greatest artists and the greatest songs of all time. If you distinctly remember the first time you had your mind blown by a life chancing song or record you’ll dig this channel Make sure to, subscribe below right now. so you get our latest interviews and videos. Also become an insider through out patreon page. The link is below. for that.

So, in the past we featured various versions of a series that we call Hidden Gems. In the past we’ve covered these criminally underplayed songs from the 70s and 80s, focused on different genres, and even featured a bottled lightning hidden gems mash-up. But today, we’re putting a new twist on this old favorite by diving deep into Led Zeppelin’s extensive catalog.
Of course, this monumental band had so many mega-hits in their time that their music has become some of the most instantly recognizable on the planet. I mean, the list of rockers is insanely long. Just try narrowing their hits down to a top 10, best of record. It’s a guaranteed that you’d have enough leftover classic rock staples to fill another couple greatest hits albums. Maybe more.

If you have read any of the top 10, 20, 50 or 75 Zeppelin song lists out there, you know these guys have a wealth of top-tier material… with everyone and their mother arguing which of their landmark songs belong at the summit. After doing some reconnaissance on Spotify, I was not surprised to find Stairway to Heaven at #1 in terms of streams, Immigrant Song at #2, and Whole Lotta Love at #3. Doing a YouTube search you’ll find a similar cast of characters. Beyond these there are of course so many other Zeppelin favorites, many of which come from
albums I-IV. There are so many perfect songs by this band it’s quite astonishing…

All that being said, for today’s episode we’re going to pull back the curtain a little bit farther and shine some light on a song that deserves to be in more regular rotation in our lives. It’s a bit over looked a bit under appreciated. Hey Hey What Can I DonnnWith two groundbreaking albums under their belt in 1970, Led Zeppelin was the best new thing going in music. But as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page started work on their third record in April, they were in need of a serious breather, far away from the crowds.

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