This AMERICAN AIRLINES flight is actually a BUS!

This AMERICAN AIRLINES flight is actually a BUS!

Watch this video to see how American Airlines is operating some flights on luxury buses. We traveled from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, New Jersey on an American Airlines luxury bus to see what it’s like.

In this video, we’ll highlight American Airlines’ Bus service in all of its glory. From how to book it to what it’s like onboard. We’ll show you the American Airlines bus gate at Philadelphia’s airport, the American Airlines bus boarding process, what it’s like onboard American Airlines bus, and even give you the insider’s secrets of this unconventional travel experience.

This video will show you how to get to Atlantic City on American Airlines! We even flew American Airlines First Class thanks to a complimentary upgrade we got before jumping on the American Airlines bus! The bus arrives at the ACY Airport and even departs from Atlantic City Airport “Curb Gate,” which we’ll show you!

American Airlines claims this Prevost H3-45 Passenger Coach is a Luxury Bus, but is it really a First Class bus? Watch this video to find out!

0:00 Introduction
2:25 Arriving in Philadelphia
4:22 Boarding the American Airlines Bus
8:08 American Airlines Bus JebScore
10:04 Bloopers

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